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Gymnastics is for all ages.

Pre-school Gymnastics teaches important skills such as balance, co-ordination, listening and social interactivity. Our classes are structured to ensure your child explores many exciting activities in a safe friendly environment. We aim to teach children skills that are not only needed in gymnastics but also in later life.

Iconic Gymnastics Academy offers:

Fun4Baby classes for babies 8 weeks old up to 2 years.
Parent and child classes for 2+ children.
Independent classes for 3+ children.

Fun4baby classes include exploration time for young ones to experience different textures and sensory elements. Soft play equipment for climbing. Circle time for songs and actions to music. Baby somersaults and spatial awareness.
Young babies will have stations for tummy time, rolling sideways, developing sitting, crawling, standing, walking, dependent on the needs of the child.
Older children have activities set up for climbing, balancing, sliding, side rolling, and many others to explore. Classes finish with a parachute cool down and bubbles.

2+ and 3+ classes include a short warm up. Large apparatus time on the equipment learning skills such as jumping and landing, bouncing, swinging on the bar, balancing on the beam, climbing, taking turns. Circle time where children use hand apparatus, focus on fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, following instructions and a greater focus on developing specific skills and actions. Cool down with parachute and bubbles.

3+ classes also work towards 3 badges as part of the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Scheme for pre-school. This scheme has been specifically developed with pre-school in mind to develop the 3 fundamental building blocks of movement; Action, Balance and Co-ordination.

About Teamgym

TeamGym originated in Scandinavia in the early 70’s. It has now spread all over Europe.
It is a spectacular sport, exciting and dynamic. Teamgym is a combination of 3 apparatus. Tumble, Trampette and Floor. Each of these require gymnasts to master technique and demonstrate excellent teamwork.

Teams are either boys, girls or mixed and can either be a full team which is 6-12 gymnasts who compete all 3 pieces of apparatus or a micro team which is 3-5 gymnasts who compete on just the tumble and trampette.

The Teams

Participation in a Teamgym group is by invitation only. Teamgym participants are held to high standards in regard to attendance levels and the effort gymnasts bring to each session.

National teams will be aiming to take part in friendly competitions up and down the country. British Championships which are held every year and International Cups which are competitions held across Europe. Gymnasts in National teams may also have the opportunity to compete for a place in a zonal team and be chosen for the European Championships which are held every two years.

Regional teams will be aiming to take part in friendly competitions up and down the country and possibly some international competitions.

Teamgym gymnasts are also offered the opportunity to attend training camps with specialised coaches.

The Apparatus


This is a routine to music in which all the members of the team take part. The Floor Programme consists of gymnastic elements and well choreographed dance. Elements are chosen based on the ability and maturity of the team. Routines must be performed in synchronisation with the type of dance reflective of the type of music.


In tumbling gymnasts perform 3 tumbling series (or runs) on a sprung track. They aim to stream which is tumbling consecutively and close to each other.
Only 6 gymnasts participate in each run. If the team is a mixed team then 3 male and 3 female gymnasts must take part. In a micro team only 3 gymnasts perform in the run.
Each series must consist of at least three different acrobatic elements that are linked together.
The first run, often known as the compulsory run the gymnasts must perform the same series of acrobatic skills.
In the second and third rounds gymnasts must perform the same difficulty skills or the skills become progressively harder and of higher value than the person before. At least one round must have forward rotations and one round backward rotations. The entire performance is to music.


Like the tumbling, the gymnasts perform three runs on the trampette. At least one run uses a vaulting apparatus.
Only 6 gymnasts participate in each run. In the mixed competition 3 male and 3 female gymnasts must take part.
The first run, often known as the compulsory run the gymnasts must perform the same skiils.
In the second and third rounds gymnasts must perform skills of the same difficulty or skills that become progressively harder and increase in value.
The entire performance is to music

Teamgym is a great way to to bring fun to competitions with all your friends alongside you all the way.

Our performance squad is a non competition squad that gives participants all the thrills of competing.

Held to similar high standards as competition squads in regards to attendance and effort, the Performance squad is for any of our members who are over 8 years old and reach certain skill requirements.

Performance squad will be aiming to participate in exciting events such as GymFusion, EuroGym and the Gymnaestrada.

These gymnastics festival consist of group displays to music. Often with the use of props, costumes and visual effects to help enhance the routine.


    GymFusion is multiple performance events across England and Northern Ireland.
    GymFusion encompasses the ethos of Gymnastics for All, and gives participants the opportunity to display their skills and talents as a team in a fun, friendly and non-competitive environment.


      This is one of the biggest gymnastics events specifically for young people aged between 12 and 18 years. A non-competitive festival event, EuroGym takes place every two years, the objective being to unite young European gymnasts, providing the opportunity for gymnasts to perform their team display routines on an international stage.
      EuroGym is a huge social non-competitive event for where everyone is welcome.

      The event starts with an Olympic style Opening Ceremony, which is then followed by a gigantic welcome party for everyone, an amazing opportunity to socialise with people from different countries.
      The mornings are spent taking part in activities, with over 60 different sessions to choose from, these can include wind surfing, archery, show dance, tumbling and rope skipping, there is sure to be something which will appeal. Skills learnt and developed in these workshops are performed alongside other gymnasts from across Europe during the final Closing Ceremony.
      In the afternoons, teams perform their display routine on stages around the city; so all the local people can come and see you perform.
      All the gymnasts from the Great British delegation will combine to perform a routine in the UEG gala.


      Gymnaestrada is a world-wide, non-competitive FIG Gymnastics for All event held every 4 years.
      It is the world’s largest Gymnastics event with over 20,000 participants from around 50 nations taking part.
      The displays are performed all across the city who has been awarded the event.

      The non-competitive festival takes place over 7 days, with a jam packed schedule, including an Opening and Closing Ceremony, Team Performances, Great British whole delegation large group performances as well as an International Team performance. Teams can perform up to 5 times throughout the week, as well as, having the chance to see performances from other federations in their national evenings and the best of the best in the FIG Gala.

    Want to get involved in gymnastics?
    Join Recreational Gymnastics

    Our recreational gymnastics classes are where most gymnasts will gain their first experience of the sport. Participation is for those who have little to no experience of gymnastics or enjoy gymnastics but do not necessarily wish to compete.

    Our recreational classes are designed to give gymnasts and experience of a variety of gymnastics. We want your child gets the best out of the session and themselves. We aim to deliver quality classes that will allow your child the chance to develop and enhance their physical and social skills in a safe, happy, exciting environment.
    As the gymnasts mature they will learn new skills and experience new challenges.

    Our recreational classes also offer the opportunity to work towards the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Scheme, where upon completion of each level gymnasts will be able to earn a British Gymnastics badge and certificate. The skills get progressively harder as gymnasts work their way through.

    Our recreation classes are split into 4 categories. Beginners, Improvers, Intermediate and Advanced. Children are initially categorised by their age and then, if appropriate, gymnasts may be moved into a different class, based on their ability.

    Holiday Activity

    Iconic Gymnastics Academy offers a fun, exciting session where participants can experience a range of different activities such as :- air track, trampette, rhythmic and floor skills.

    Our holiday activity camps are open to both members and non-members. No experience is necessary. Classes are carefully planned by our British Gymnastics qualified coaches to ensure that all our participants get the most out of their time at our camps.

    The holiday camps are also an excellent opportunity for children on our waiting list to experience gymnastics and offers the coaches to assess for suitable classes.

    Appropriate clothing is leotards or shorts / leggings and t-shirt. Sessions are performed in bare feet. Leotards with skirts, trousers with zips or items with buttons are not acceptable. Hair must be tied back neatly with soft bobbles. Jewellery is not allowed, including earrings.
    Children must be accompanied in to the venue by an adult and picked up from the gym by a named adult. Gymnasts will not be allowed out of the venue without a responsible adult.

    Participants should bring a non fizzy drink such as water or juice.

    Bookings and payment are made in advance and are accepted on a first come first served basis. Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance for a refund to be considered. There is no refund for unplanned absences however if there is space on alternative days there may be an option to swap.

    To avoid disappointment click on the link to send us a message.

    Price Table

    Here is a guide to Iconic charges. For more information please contact us now.

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